Sunday, June 18, 2006

I just love this picture of my brother, his wife and their two girls.

Monday, June 12, 2006

how much do we really matter

Ok, so one of my oldest friends was coming over for brunch today for her birthday, she is 6 days older than me and man does she hate that!!
I was rushing into safeway this morning at 17 minutes before 10 knowing that I have to get baby to physio for 10, so I safely think I have about 9 minutes to pick up 5 small items/ingredients I need to finish off brunch.
I think I am soo good when I get to the cash area, there is only one open and I am behind a lady with the fullest buggy I have ever seen, I start to rethink this trip. But, my luck is with me, the cashier, lets call her #1 calls a cashier to open and she sends me over to a different register. I put my items down and as I wait another staff comes, #2 and she instantly begins complaining to #1 who tells her someone has been called and that I am first in line. I think I am still doing ok times when #3 comes and also begins asking the whereabouts of a cashier, as #4 comes up. I am feeling some relief when #2 says I only have a few things I will be quick and puts her items in front of mine. In my head I am annoyed but her things are being run through even before I could have said anything. #2's items are done when #3 is standing behind #4 not in the line and begins putting her things on the scale, I am now fuming and know I am way out of time so I begin walking away. #2 and #3 give some offhanded apology they are in a rush they need to go for their break. I decide I want to be a good person and decide to just continue walking when a Manger walks up hearing this and asks if there is a problem. I still decide to not make a big deal when I hear #1 saying something but I am now out the door and putting baby into the van when the Manager comes running out with my items and #2 and #3 behind him. He apologizes #2 and #3 begin to as well but I say I am very sorry but baby is now running late for physio and I think I would rather continue my shopping at Thrifty's from now on, they always welcome customers and treat you with a smile...
So really what I am wondering.. Do we really matter...