Sunday, March 25, 2007

Life is a bit challenging for our family right now - We go on for them (and B too but he does not love the camera!!!!!!)

Well another weekend is coming to an end - and what a weekend it was!!! All was going well until Saturday dinner time!!! All of a sudden as we were getting ready to go out we heard this monsterous crash/banging sound -- this is what we found
All we are so relieved about is no one was under it. Baby I likes to play in that area, thank Goodness no one was hurt

Sooo Sunday was spent filling a U-Haul and putting our house into A Storage unit. We are not quite done, but almost (I hope!!!)

I guess after we finish up monday, we will be looking for a new place to live, oh my, Hope we can find something before S goes in for surgery 4th of April.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Hockey tournament is OVER later today YOOOHOOO
B is having a great time with the tournament but it sure will be nice to have a few months now with no hockey practice and early Saturday morning games. B has done very well this year and truly loves being goalie and defence. I hope he is with some of the boys from this year - he has really enjoyed them!!! He's in goal today so here's hoping he does well for this last game!!

S has had some fun!!!! Man that was a pain to clean up, he just shredded it up

Baby I had great fun with S's supply delivery!! Poor baby I was very sad - there was double the boxes and we kept putting them away - so she decided she wasn't moving from the top and hopefully we would leave the rest for her to play on!!! If you look past her, you can see her drawing on the wall!!
Baby I loves her baby einstein sign language dvd --
This is how I found her watching it the other morning - sitting on her toy box a few inches away from the tv!!!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

A very very wet weekend is coming to a quick end.

B had his last official hockey game of the season (just a week tournament next week still to go) Way to go B ... He was in goal against their biggest rivals. He made some amazing saves, he is a natural in goal - much to my dismay!!!! I know the boys coaches were hoping to get bragging rights for the summer......

From there we headed to B's soccer tournament. Soccer is now officially over for this season. (you can actually see the rain if you make the picture bigger - you can also see b's goal kick!) It poured and came down like I haven't seen in forever, but the boys sure didn't seem to notice! They did great both games and todays were cancelled thank goodness. You know the rain is bad when the coaches and ref's are using an umbrella and are still soaked right thru!!
Stel had been in the back yard and did not remember to close the baby gate, so when I went a looking for baby I, she was hard to find!! She was out on the back deck looking for her daddy!!!

S had a so so weekend, he doesn't love it when there are lots of games all weekend!! He is feeling better from having a tough time battling his cold. When he is doing well he is the healthiest of all of us, but since he is having such a tough time with his hip he just cannot fight off all the viruses going around!!! Looks like surgery will be the first week of April, wow that is sure getting close. Just have to mention how amazing his brother is again, when S doesn't look great he sings s's favorite song to get a smile from him, no matter what he was doing - way to go B!

Monday, March 05, 2007

Baby I and things she does.... Oh the things she gets into!!!!
baby I loves to take S for walks now. She just realized a few days ago that she could hold on and push her big brothers wheelchair and then she could walk. She now loves to hold our hands and walk, she isn't quite stable enough to go one handed but is gettint there
She is a happy girl here giggling