Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Hockey tournament is OVER later today YOOOHOOO
B is having a great time with the tournament but it sure will be nice to have a few months now with no hockey practice and early Saturday morning games. B has done very well this year and truly loves being goalie and defence. I hope he is with some of the boys from this year - he has really enjoyed them!!! He's in goal today so here's hoping he does well for this last game!!

S has had some fun!!!! Man that was a pain to clean up, he just shredded it up

Baby I had great fun with S's supply delivery!! Poor baby I was very sad - there was double the boxes and we kept putting them away - so she decided she wasn't moving from the top and hopefully we would leave the rest for her to play on!!! If you look past her, you can see her drawing on the wall!!
Baby I loves her baby einstein sign language dvd --
This is how I found her watching it the other morning - sitting on her toy box a few inches away from the tv!!!


Bill said...

B looks like a pro..... who needs toys with all the supplies and boxes... although I know you have a few toy!

doubledouble said...

okay Bill did not say that...