Friday, September 29, 2006

We are back....

We are home, missing our friends and the beaches and of coarse Mickey but also glad to be home. Home is good.
The kids did great on the trip back - they are awsome travellers!

On our last day at the beach in Carlsbad as we were playing in the surf we saw a school of dolphins - that was soo cool and super glad it wasn't a school of sharks!!! what a nice way to end the trip.
Baby I did so much while we were away, maybe she needed a break from doctors and all. She is doing awsome, she is a bit behind in her gross motor development but right on in her cognitive - which is frustrating her when she wants something and can't get to it. While in california she learned to wave, to clap, to stand with support and yes oh my she pulled herself farward on our last day(it was about an inch but she is determined now if she uses her legs we will have to start childproofing)!!! She is so much fun.
B is back to school about 10 minutes after we got home!!! I am so disapointed about where he was placed and the grouping. I am at such a loss if i leave it alone or change schools or what - I just don't know right now, but sad I am.
S did so awsome on the trip and drive - it was for him - He is a star. In the picture is his best buddy and a reason for visiting. Those two boys have faught a fight harder than they should have ever had to but they keep fighting - they inspire me

Sunday, September 24, 2006

S cried for more than a couple hours after leaving our hotel and disneyland for this trip. Poor guy, he was so sad and nothing we did made him happy - he LOVES disneyland!! We felt so bad for him, broke my heart, but he had spent soo much time there, I guess we will have to bring him back again!! And some people don't think he understands whats going on around him - oh how wrong they are
We headed out to Laguna Beach, it is so gorgeous there. The sand is so soft and fine - great for when Baby I takes handfulls and rubs it in her hair!! She'll be bringing some home with her for sure! B loves the beach and jumping in the waves. S decided he would try and have fun and also enjoyed getting the sand everywhere. We wandered through some art galleries and Stel loved that, also decided he wants to stay in california!!!
After the beach we headed back to our friends house to dinner that smelled sooo good and was :-) thank-you it was awsome.
We went to the beach
again and we all went in the huge waves and played around with a boogie board,
it was exhausting but soo fun. I think B was a born californian!!!
Its been really great spending time with our friends again, sure gonna be sad to go home but we are going to make the best of the rest of our days here!!
Well we got a bit side-tracked and haven't updated, oops
Here goes.....
B loves any scary ride I think. He loved tower of terror, the scary hotel elevator drop ride. S is always up for the thrills and now i think he passed it on to B. Baby I met all the princesses at her princess lunch, she was most interested in the fries tho...
Visiting Mickey's house is a requirement when visiting Disneyland!!
Everyone's having a great time and I will post some more later today

Monday, September 18, 2006

Our monkey S threw his glasses away!!

I was going to post yesterday this picture. the last photo S had before he threw his glasses away. S loves the character he grabs their noses/beaks are ears whatever he can get a good grip of, he keeps trying but they are not in his suitcase yet!! The last we reckon we saw of them were between the log ride, big thunder mountain (Baby I was watching the boys on big thunder mountain - i probably should have had her shoes on) and the princess store - funny that the store doesn't really fit the two scary rides!!! It had been a great trip with no problems until about 8:15 last night!! Oh well, we got over it and began again - though a bit blurry for S.
Yesterday and today were almost unbearably hot (over 94 the thingy read) at times but we had lots of fun doing whatever we please. Like checking out some of winnie the poohs honey pots. Baby I has the same "oh no not another picture look" just like B has!!!

This morning we decided to let B have some pool time before we headed to Disneyland. It was a nice, though a bit early and as the day went on we realized the pool in the morning drained us and we were dragging our butts today. Today our friend Bonnie came with one of her kids - its always fun when there are more people. Stel, S and Bonnie are on the back 2 rows of this insane coaster!!! Well....what a day we went on the tower of terror - a little peer pressure and I did it!! I will never look at an elevator again - 123 feet high wow! A little while after the tower of terror we got a call and someone turned in S's glasses, people visiting Disneyland are awsome!!! We coulodn't believe it sinve yesterday was so busy and it was dark out. S thought he got away with it - foiled again!!!
I can't believe how fast our trip is passing. its been great so far but the days seem to be going so fast.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

We went exploring saturday...
We headed into holloywood down hollywood blvd, totally reminded us of east hastings at hollywood and vine. Pictures sure can be decieving!!! Down a couple more blocks there is a tourist mall wich looks quite nice, but it sure wasn't what we were thinking the area would look like. From there we headed by melrose then rodeo drive. We had some totally different expectations, it was nicer than hollywood bvld for sure but it sure is amazing what the movies make out of not too much. Rodeo drive was a very expensive looking block and a half, we followed a brand new white Bentley car but I had sure thought there would be much more too it. We ended up checking out the mall there in Beverly hills. I thought it was kind of funny that there 4 levels of parking are above ground, and the 2 levels of mall are above the parking. It was a nice looking mall, but I think the "glamour" the big screen makes of the area has been crushed for us.
From there we headed back to universal for 2 hours so B could see a couple things he had wanted to see, here is the carnage from one of Tom Hanks(i think)plane crash movies. A real boeing 747 was used for this prop which is actually much bigger. We headed down wysteria lane after and saw the sets of desperate houswives and a whole bunch more. We were not able to see the sets of CSI apparently they were filming and I guess its good so it doesn't wreck it for me!! And from here headed back to the hotel in bumper to bumper traffic for a couple more hours. We had been promising the kids we'd be home early for some pool time, well not so early we headed to the pool at 9pm but they all had fun. B would have been happy to stay a couple hours but we will have to give him some more time this week. Baby I was with me in the pool, she has soo much fun and just splashes and splashes which is great unless you are holding her!!!
It was a real eye opener kind of day, but still a fun day. Stel said it was a very Interesting and strange day at the same time.....

Friday, September 15, 2006

We've had a couple fun days, heres some things we have done....

thursday we went to Newport Beach, B LOVED the water and playing on the beach and in the water, he is a fish.... S did not love the water as much but had fun. Baby I got pushed around a lot by the water, and loved playing in the sand. The sand is so fine and soft that it gets everywhere and stays. It was beautiful at the beach.

Today we spent the day at disneyland and california adventure again. Oh my goodness was it ever a day!!! B begged and kept harrassing me to go on the log ride so finally in the afternoon I finally obliged and S, B and I went - wow that was some drop!! that was ok since the morning was spent going on the insane roller coaster and freaky ferris wheel at california adventure. Stel loved the roller coaster, I was feeling slightly queasy for a couple hours!! The big wheel thingy was a bit to much swinging at first but then we all had fun. We LOVED fantasmic tonight and the fire works. Today was supposedly cooler, we didn't notice though and during the parade S wasn't looking great but we then went on the log ride - he laughed the whole way!! We met Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Carribean and he is an odd fellow for sure!!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Its been a fantastic couple days.We've had great fun and at times scared silly!! I just LOVE B's face in this one. Our friends Bonnie and K were sitting behind the boys. It's so much fun sharing the day with friends. B is sooo shy around girls but he and K get along so well. S and B both Love rollercoasters and anything super fast and thrilling. Today they went on big thunder mountain 4 times. Space mountain was another favorite. B actually looks scared out of his mind but raises his hands and screams with petrified joy!! Baby I actually let some characters near her wihtout screaming, as long as there was some distance, maybe she is also coming around to enjoying the "happiest place on earth"! Stel is planning on tackling the huge roller coaster in California adventure!! hope he can handle it!!

The weather is awsome - soo hot - but great. The palm trees are amazing, the excitment is fabulous, the attitudes of the kids is grand and the food is outrageously expensive - a great first 6 days lets see what the next couple weeks bring!!
Ahh lianne, the house to yourself, creepy quiet and lonely but a few days to yourself after work, enjoy.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

We had lots of fun at universal studios yesterday. S was so excited to see the characters, he was screaming with excitment. As soon as B saw spongbob he also was so happy, though taking pictures of h im is a bit more difficult!!
S didn't want to let go, and the characters were so good with him
All of us together is quite a difficult endevour!! but it was the end of the day so B was too tired to fight it!!!
Baby I screamed and faught if any dressed up character came anywhere near her, it was so funny actually, but she loves this dog - the absolute sweetest pitt-bull you could ever meet.
It was such a beautiful day, actually way too hot for us, but so nice. S had trouble with the heat, but there were many waterparks through-out Universal so that made him feel a bit better.
We are heading to Anaheim now for a bit over a week, then we are coming back here to our friends. B is so excited about the picture of the hotel pool, though any water would work, he is a water magnet for sure.
Can't wait to see what the week will bring....

Monday, September 11, 2006

We arrived

We are here - what a long trip!! I think I somehow block out how long it really takes, but I remember now.... The kids were great. They slept the whole night, B got a bit bored in the LA traffic but they were great. Funny no one wanted to go in the car yesterday!!! As soon as we got here to our friend Tamies, B was looking at the pool and kinda fell in after I gave him a big push!!!! He loved it S and Baby I ended up in the pool as well.
We were going to head to Mexico today but have had second thoughts after hearing some bad stories yesterday so I think we will head to universal studios instead, or the beach we will see.
All the family was here yesterday and the kids got along real well and had a great time.
I will try and get some pictures loaded tonight before we head to our hotel tomorrow and then I am not sure how to do it from there!!
oh and it is HOT, Stel is finally happy and feeling like hes having a vacation!!! Suzanne - we'll see how it goes with him at Disney Tuesday haha

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Look at our big girl standing up for the first time by herself!!!! ok she is leaning, but she couldn't do that before she put her foot/ankle slpints on. I was so shocked by the huge difference they made - way to go baby I.
We were working on S's education plan today, yah for him I think he is going to have a great year. B had school all day today and stayed for lunch, I sure missed him on his first full day of school. We are trying to get packed and get all the last minute details fine tuned and i guess i had better start packing!!!
This will likely be our last post till we are in California - bye for now.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Wow it has been a busy few days.
Our dryer broke saturday night- being a long weekend it couldn't get fixed- depending on how well you know me you might know I didn't sleep well the last few days without doing my nightly laundry... its been fixed this evening, thank goodness I am exhausted.
I think Baby I Loves ice - cream!!!
B had his first day of school today - 30 minutes. He enjoyed seeing all his friends again and a full day tomorow, he's growing up!!
Baby I had her feet casted at Sunnyhill today and all the cutting and shaping. They'll be ready tomorrow afternoon i'll show you when they are ready . Then S and baby I had an appointment with their pediatrician, everyhting looked good and they got the final ok to leave the country and frolick with Mickey Mouse!!!yipee
Oh and by the way 3 more sleeps till we go on vacation

Friday, September 01, 2006

Time is flying by... we are leaving next friday for California - yahoo
It was a busy week and so will next week be with appointments then none for the rest of September!!!
Baby I saw orthopedics again as well as the orthotist, she has tiny little feet but she is being casted and splinted on Tuesday.
She has been lucky her brother knows so many people she has been able to slip in and be added and fit in to specialists without a problem. Today her community physio was here and she worked hard even with her runny nose and cough.

Dad, your officially a senior citizen now, you can now go for early dinner and get on the ferry cheaper!!! enjoy!

And... apparently when you sign up your kids for sports and check the box that sais your husband will help out if needed, first, don't forget to tell him - oops- and second, expect he will then be the coach -ahhh oops again!! Sorry Stel, but i know you'll be great!