Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Halloween Night....
We were out trick'r'treating tonight, oh what fun. Darth vader and tinker-bell were out wandering the streets, S was home sleeping and realxing.
Yesterday we went out to west vancouver to a ambulance drivers house. This man careved 455 pumpkins, took him 70 plus hours and he decorated his house up the trees on the roof everywhere along with awsome decorations this place is amazing. It is open the 30th and 31st and all donations go to charity we are going back next year, it was so busy people came from all over.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

A year tomorrow

Wow, well we had fun with friends and a great dinner, but today is the last day Baby I will ever be zero again! I am very sad, she is growing up so fast and is much fun to be with but this part of our life is now over.
Here is the last picture of baby I at zero!!

She is doing quite well right now, she is still pulling herself around with her toes and arms and has learned to sit up. She is so happy and very much in love with her big brothers.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Time just seems to be flying by...

We had a good week and friday night decided to take the kids to the haloween train in Bear Creek Park. B has gone on almost every year and wanted to this year until we got there, then he was a bit hesitant but went on.
It was good but we had way more fun at the playground after!!!

Ok so it scared a little girl, and Baby I hates it but I love this hat!!!

Monday, October 23, 2006

S and his peaceful hands

Its been a busy fun exhausting week.

The kids and I headed up to Squamish last week for Canuck Place Hospices Kid camp.


B loves going and this year was no different he had the time of his life. B has so much fun with Will here and also with his buddy Rob but Baby I is too busy having fun with Rob. She showed him how she gets around a room then he showed her how he can - man was his shirt soo gross after that.

S had fun this year, last year he ended up in hospital with pnemonia so this year was great. <
S had a lizard on his shoulder. Mike the Critter guy came up and brought a whole bunch of things, snaked, bird, and incredibly soft chinchilla and many more.

Baby I had fun, she had constant attention and was in need of nothing at all.

They all loved the pool and constant activities, but the food was horrid!! They enjoyed the ice cream eating competition, B came in second place. They made Mr.Potatoe heads with real potatoes and they turned out great. we went walking along the riverside and saw a seal in the river, there were bunnies all over the camp and a few people saw a bear friday night. The staff and volunteers did an awsome job with planning and being fun for the kids.

Stel headed up fridaay night and saturday morning we headed to Whistler, I love whistler and all the activity.

We can't wait for snow - and a weekend trip to whistler with friends-hint hint double double...

Only a few more days and Baby I will be the 1. Where has the year gone. I'm feeling sad that our baby is growing up so fast. She is getting so speedy with her comando crawling and getting into trouble. Today she headed outside B left his room door open and she went out to visit dad in the backyard.

Monday, October 09, 2006

In addition to yesterdays post.....

We decided to head out to the bird sanctuary since we didn't have time yesterday.

It is so nice out there,
so peaceful, ok well maybe not peaceful when the ducks are trying to get your bag of food!!

It is such a nice area and walk,
you can just put some seed on you hand and the little chickadees will land and get some food.
If you look close there is a little chickadee on my hand.

We then headed to the big Richmond pumpkin patch to get our fresh vegetables and check out the music.
They have musicians and S seemed to finally be happy. Since coming home from California he just didn't seem happy but yesterday he finally seemed Happy and smiley.
I sure hope we've got our happy guy back.

B had fun having hay fights with some boys in the hay and being burried in the hay!!!

Baby I and S both enjoyed the guys in the band.

Baby I has become a very busy girl. She commando pulls herself through the house and she has found her favorite places to be the bathroom and the garbage can!! I think it is now time to baby-gate the house!! Oh my she gets into everything!!

Well I am off to have a re-match with B from our game Saturday night!!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Our Saturday started early, B had a Hockey game at 8 so we were up at 6:30 so we could get everyone up dressed and fed and in hockey gear in time. I am not going to enjoy our early game time this year!!

We went to one of my favorite Fall places.

It is so beautiful at the Westham Island Herb Farm kind of outside Ladner.

For anyone whose been to our house that is the truck in the painting!!

The kids can explore and wander throughout and enjoy everything there is.

Baby I was totally happy with her little pumkin until she saw the old leaves at her feet, she decided she wanted them more and over-extended a little - yes, she headplanted onto the step under her!!

You can pick any flowers which is nice since we are usually telling kids not to pick the flowers!!

It is just such a happy beautiful place.
We were actually headed to the Bird sanctuary but in the we didn't have time, I guess we'll just have to go back.

We then headed out to my parents for Thanksgiving dinner which was soo good. Baby I was the explorer, so we had to keep an eye on her - she did a good job of finding everything she wasn't supposed to be playing with!! B had a lucky streak, he was unbeatable playing some games I played as a kid.

I don't think S could have a better brother in B. Right now B is letting S attack him, hold him down and scratching at his head!! He just comes up to him at times and does some goofy thing to make S laugh, the little thing are the best.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

At the park today was this woodpecker, he had gotten most of the tree and didn't seem to care how close we got to him. He must have had quite the headache!! It is amazing how long he kept at it and how strong he is.

Baby I tried out the teeter totter, maybe she is not quite ready for it but she enjoyed it. She had physio yesterday, she is so stubborn, but doing everything in her own time!

Stel and B just got back from soccer practise, sounds like it didn't go very well. He seems to really enjoy coaching but a few kids just don't listen and then it sky-rockets. I sure feel for Stel tonight.

Monday, October 02, 2006

AHH what a day, is it really only monday.
We have a little motoring baby I, oh the places she is getting into. I guess I sure got used to her staying in one spot. She hasn't mastered getting onto her belly yet but once she is, she uses her toes and pulls with her elbows in a commando style crawl - she is doing a great job cleaning my floors!!!
S and baby I had a pediatrician appointment, they are both doing well. Only thing he does't like is the look of baby I's foot splints, neither do we but I sure wan't hoping to get new ones yet. We have an appointment with the orthitist now, cha ching, here we go.
B is back to school and a bit disapointed that they are not doing harder work, but he is enjoying his friends at recess and lunch.
It feels like an out fo control time, maybe its just me with lots going on, maybe, who knows.
Our fighter in California has taken a turn for the not so good, so for all you prayerers out there keep Tyler in your thoughts for peace and and comfort and for Tamie to get through whatever she needs