Saturday, June 23, 2007

There are 3 1/2 days of school left till summer holidays....sure hoping that summer weather will also finally start ....

B seems to be looking forward to summer holidays and we are sure hoping he will find grade 2 more challenging and exciting (grade one was a bit of a let-down for him).

B enjoyed his sports day on friday and he and his friend took baby I in the pre-school race, she did not enjoy having to wait in the line for the race to start, but they were cute.
S is doing better, still struggling but getting a bit happier. He sure isn't our happy guy yet but slowly slowly getting there.

Baby I is doing well, she loves her babies and dollies now.. She loves her steamed milk and her brothers and her new found mobility - shes fun and exhausting, a joy...

Last weekend we had a nice dinner at Gramma and Grampa's Saturday then Sunday we took the kids to the Tim Mcgraw and Faith Hill concert, S loves music concerts and we wanted to do something for him that he loves. He did have fun it was so great to see a smile.

Baby I and B fell asleep part way through, but they did enjoy the part they saw, Baby I was dancing and clapping along.Baby I wants the same vehicle her mommy wants!!!!

We headed up for a bit of a easy hike in Capilano, S was so happy to get out , its been a long time since he could enjoy a bumpy wheelchair ride, but he did pretty good. B loved the climbing and getting dirty and Baby I had a lot of fun on the trails.

She fell once and got her knees dirty, not hurt, and cried because they got muddy, kept saying wowie wowie.

then we took a wander around the salmon hatchery and watching the salmon trying to jump up the stream to get out.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Some things Baby I did today!!

Well she played a little air hockey ON the table, and apparently she was winning!! she is quite an amazing climberNot long after her hockey game we found her here....
She finished her dads bun and decided to see if there was anything left for a little drink
She had some fun with the pans
And played a little street hockey to finish up her afternoon!!!
We went for a rollerblade around the neighbourhood, everyone had some fun and no one had a crash so a very succesful adventure. The boys had a much less adventurous day, but B totally enjoys the things Baby I gets into/onto/over.....

Monday, June 04, 2007

Its been a busy busy month for us. B has the countdown on for the end of school!!!
S has been having a tough tough month, he's lost another 6 pounds in the last couple weeks, hoping that June is easier on him.
Baby I is incredibly busy and loves to wonder all over.

Baby I had a great time visiting Maplewood Farms. She tried copying the goats and wanted to try eating off the ledge but decided to give the goat a kiss instead. She followed them around all over. She feds some chickens and loved the huge rabbits.
We didn't stay too long, it was too hot for S but went by a pool on our way home and Baby I and B had soo much fun enjoying the water.
S put his feet into the water a little and seemed to enjoy the water as long as we didn't splash him. Baby I would check on S every few minutes.