Saturday, April 10, 2010


Today our boy, our first born, our awsome big brother to Bentley and Isabelle, our amazing fighter and our Love turned 13 and we wish he was here with us Writing some messages on rocks to leave in the fountain...The kids really wanted to let balloons go at Canuck Place.

Sebastian you are so profoundly missed

Friday, April 02, 2010

Here we are, the Easter Long weekend and the end of spring Break...

Though it may be hard to notice in this picture...she played with a few pairs of scissors and cut off her braids! In the end after getting it fixed she lost about 5 inches. I went to pick her up at ballet, and looked at her and wow was I shocked - Stel hadn't warned me about the haircut. When i immediatley called to find out what happened, he so calmly said "oh, you noticed!!!" Uh Ya I noticed! After ballet we went to the hairdresser to have it fixed up. Not often do we get a photo of Bentley....without a goalie helmet on! Bentley has had a pretty good spring break. Friends over all the time, sleep-overs and a couple times to the pool, not to mention hockey practice and games have kept him pretty busy!!Isabelle is totally in love with dogs right now, especially Jasper, our friends dog. And they put up with her constantly following them around and laying with them.

After work many days over the past couple weeks I have been visiting my friends, as they sit at their son's bedside in the hospital. He had to go through some major back surgery and now infection - keep them in your thoughts.

For us, it's been a little over 1 year and 10 weeks missing Sebastian, with his birthday just around the corner and being in the hospital so much its been pretty tough.