Monday, June 30, 2008

Summertime fun

Isabelle was not so sure about the waterpark. But she LOVED the pool the next day! We went to our favorite outdoor pool and everyone had fun.
Sebastian Loved the waterpark, his wheelchair may not have been quite as happy being so soaked. He also enjoyed the pool, it was so hot out.
Bentley and Isabelle enjoyed exploring the beach in white rock and throwing the rocks into the water, until of coarse Isabelle fell in.
Enjoying the pool

Monday, June 23, 2008

June is quickly coming to an end and we'll have to plan for summer!

We went to Seattle for quite a few days last week and met up with lots of friends. It was great, just not long enough. We love wandering university village and the zoo. This was taken last week and the one below was taken 2 years 1 month and 2 days earlier... how time flies Tamie and Helene's families are not used to our crappy weather, Joyce's and our families were prepared!! We had some great meals at red lobster and claim jumpers and lots of time enjoying each other. We got home and were right back into the busy life!
Bentley had his last spring hockey game on Saturday, so the hockey/goalie equipment can be put away for a while. Sebastian will be relieved to have a break from the ice arena!! He is doing ok, still goes blue and passes out but trying to do whatever we can for him. Though he gets tired easily he is still happy

Isabelle had her Ballet recital this past weekend as well, busy times here for sure! The girls did such a wonderful job, Just way way too cute!!!The girls did a great job! Hope this little few seconds of video works for you..Isabelle with her ballet teacher, MichelleAfter the last recital Isabelle went by the Maplewood farms to see some of the animals. She had loads of fun and loved petting the animals.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Ballerina picture day

Today was Ballet Picture Day. The kids had to wear their recital outfit. These were taken while we waited for pictures and in line to go into the picture room.

Isabelle is preparing with her group for their recital at the end of June. Watching how they did for pictures I am not so sure any of them will actually get on the stage!!!!!

no school friday so we went to science world

Friday was a porfessional day so I decided to take the kids to Science World for a while. The boys spent a lot of time in the downstairs mind puzzle area which they both really seemed to enjoy.
Bentley had a lacrosse game, they are doing very well. We are still very impressed how quickly he caught on and how hard he works.
This was a puzzle, Isabelle wanted to do it, she was too small so she made do!!!!! She actually put all the pieces in the right spot. For the older kids they have 15seconds then it alarms and all the pieces pop out.
Lots of Bellas