Friday, July 28, 2006

We have been spending quite bit of time with friends recently and sure been enjoying our time. we were supposed to be heading camping next week but I'm just not in the mood. I took the kids to victoria yesterday, B loved the bug zoo, I sure didn't love him holding some of those bugs. He loved the maritime museum and wandering the streets. Baby I got her first tooth a little over a week ago and she was soo good aboout it, she is learning to sit up and is doing a great job. S has had a tough couple days, he'd been doing so well, sure hope hes just a bit tired and not coming down with anything

I was flipping channels the other day and stopped for a minute on discover health, here is something I just cannot understand. For $5,000 a woman was medically getting back her virginity for a present for her husband for valentines day. Okay first why would she want to go through that again, and I could sure think of a million things to spend 5 grand on and that sure wouldn't be one. But if anyone else can understand this one enlighten me, please.

Monday, July 17, 2006

another weekend gone by

Wow, another weekends gone by, can't belive we are already 1/4 way through summer holidays!!!
We went out to Harrison saturday, was a wee bit of a let-down, but we did have fun. Swimmer's itch signs were a bit of a disapointment for B but he managed to have a good time. Sunday was music in the park so S was loving it - at least they both had something they love. Baby I happily tagged along...
How do you know if you are raising your children right?? I wonder that often, or will this child need counselling because of something I said. While we were out this weekend and saw how others deal with their kids, and talking to B about some we saw, I sure hope they will be amazing well rounded indivduals. B has had to deal with a lot, uncountable times he has to come to the hospital for appointments or extended stays, he has so many times fallen asleep at home and woken somewhere else - so caring and concerned about both S and I - I think he is a great brother and friend. That being said, yes he can be sooo difficult for us at times, but as a brother and a son he couldn't be better!

Monday, July 10, 2006

wanna see my new friends

Another week has gone by full of activity. Did some laughing watching Cars, some screaming watching Pirates of the Caribbean and was just speechless watching soccer.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Wow, July has started with lots of activities, water play, music, fireworks and FUN.

Not so sure this was a good idea, when it was time to get her out of the water, B wanted help and S and I were looking at each other trying to decide who was going to have to jump in!! Now of coarse if there was any chance either child was in any danger we would have both jumped

B worked very hard to dunk the cheerleader, wow he's got great aim!!

We've spent time with friends, family and together as a family, its been an enjoyable 1st to 4th of July!
June was very full with doctors appointments, hospital clinic visits, physio appointmets, IDP, and more for S and I, school ending for B and a birthday for me - I sure am glad June is done!!