Monday, July 17, 2006

another weekend gone by

Wow, another weekends gone by, can't belive we are already 1/4 way through summer holidays!!!
We went out to Harrison saturday, was a wee bit of a let-down, but we did have fun. Swimmer's itch signs were a bit of a disapointment for B but he managed to have a good time. Sunday was music in the park so S was loving it - at least they both had something they love. Baby I happily tagged along...
How do you know if you are raising your children right?? I wonder that often, or will this child need counselling because of something I said. While we were out this weekend and saw how others deal with their kids, and talking to B about some we saw, I sure hope they will be amazing well rounded indivduals. B has had to deal with a lot, uncountable times he has to come to the hospital for appointments or extended stays, he has so many times fallen asleep at home and woken somewhere else - so caring and concerned about both S and I - I think he is a great brother and friend. That being said, yes he can be sooo difficult for us at times, but as a brother and a son he couldn't be better!

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Anonymous said...

B is a trooper....he has had so many experiences beyond his age but it will grow him and purpose him for a special path one day. He is a great brother!