Friday, July 25, 2008

Our Week

Its been a very busy but fun week.

Bentley went to goalie camp each day at Puckmasters, and they were worked soo hard. They were on the synthetic ice which is harder to skate on and it was hotttttt. They did 3 hours on the ice and then 3 hours dry land training. Though he was defiantly tired, he did fantastic and had fun.

Isabelle decided she also needed to play hockey so she started her first lesson on real skates.....I can't get the little video to upload, how disapointing, so here are a couple pictures!She needed lots of help at first then she started going a wee bit on her own
And she even was hitting the puck with out support!

Sebastian seemed actually happy a little and a bit alert, though he tires easily and quickly he had some energy.

One of Sebastian's nurse's lent us their kayak to help Stel with training. Only problem is, Bentley wants to go now that he realizes he really likes to kayak!! He's been continuing to bike but often has a sidekick in the little sidecar! Isabelle loves going! But so far he is on his own for the trail running!
Thanks so much everyone for your soo generous donations, Stel is trying to beat his last year total!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Kayak Training Day

The training has begun for the Canuck Place Adventure Challenge....

Just getting prepared to head outThere they go.....
The kids decided which kayak Suzanne and Stel needed and enjoyed watching them head off before we headed to the playground and then the beach for some exploring

Watching them come back in....
Later in the day we headed to Sasamat and Bentley loved kayaking, about 3 hours actually till we could get him back onto land. Isabelle and Sebastian also enjoyed some rides with stel!
he only fell out once, as he was trying to climb onto some logs!

Monday, July 07, 2008

Adventure Challenge

Stel is participating in the Canuck Place Innovative Fitness Adventure challenge again this year in support of Sebastian. Canuck Place has been such a vital support to our family this year as Sebastian's health has declined so significantly that this is one way we can help to give back.

Last night while having dinner with friends our great friend Suzanne decided she would be Stel's partner and they are now team Scattered Limbs!! If you would like to support Stel and Suzanne go to: and click select a participant and then stel. You can also go to about the challenge to see a bit more about Sebastian as well as a a news video clip from last year: he was looking much happier and healthier in that video
Pictures are from after finishing the race last year!!
Heading out on the kayak part of the Challenge