Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Well, the first month of 2007 has come to a quick end.
S hasn't been really well this week and ended up in hospital with pnemonia. We've brought him home because its not too bad at this point.
B has strep throat and not much of a voice.
Baby I spent the night with her big brother in Children's Hospital and is exhausted and has croup.
So all in all I think we are quarantined!!
S being pushed around GM place with Willie Mitchell from the canucksB went from hockey practise to GM place to skate with some of the Canucks. It sure is nice ice
Baby I spent some time with Fin!!
What will February bring

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Well another weekend has flown by.
B had a hockey and a soccer game saturday morning, winning is not important but wow he did well. you see, he is goalie for hockey and though winning isn't the important thing, there is a lot of pressure. It was almost a shut-out, would have been his first but 1 goal slipped, 8-1 for the bulldogs!!! He felt so good about himself after the game, he sure worked hard and had A LOT of saves, Way to go B.
He went straight to the soccer field and his team did very well and worked hard together. we were on the south field which was totally frozen but no injuries and a happy team - A good day for B, he sure felt good about himself!
Baby I has a cold so she is fine in the day, but trouble sleeping at night, we sure are not used to her waking in the night!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

January is flying by...

Stel and B are both another year older

S had a tough week but seems to be coming back around. He doesn't typically get sick, of all of us he always seems to be the healthy one, but when he does it sure hits him hard, so we are relieved he is feeling better - now if we could just convince him to eat!

Baby I is a busy little one. We are thinking she is beating B in terms of what she gets into!! We thought he was a climber but I think shes got him beat.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Suzanne, this picture is dedicated to you........
Life has been busy, almost seems calming to have the holiday's over. School's back in and routine has begun again. Thanks baby I for the wake up this morning. She has become very busy, climbing on everything and getting stuck in the most difficult places! She has this high pitched short scream/squeal that she seems to be doing all the time, for attention, when she is stuck, when she wants something, well lets just say all the time!! The last wind storm a couple days back brought down our neighbours tree, we were all very lucky, no one was hurt and amazingly no damage. It just missed a vehicle, and the wires, but besides blocking the road no major damage

Thursday, January 04, 2007


A new year has begun...... What will it hold

We enjoyed a fun filled New Years with friends and rang in 2007 in great form.

B is having a busy week with a Hockey tournament.
The first couple of games did not go very well but todays game they were back to typical performance.

B was in goal today and did a fantastic job. way to go B.

I wonder where will we find each other this year!!