Sunday, December 30, 2007

Then end of 2007

Santa has come and gone, the kiddo's are all happy and having fun. 2007 is coming to an end very soon and looking back we have had a good year. The kids are growing and changing and so much fun, and our life is busy and chaotic but thats what we expect.
Baby I looking cute in her christmas dressWe have been busy, baking for the holidays, shopping(helping Santa out a bit), seeing friends and family and out on the mountain sledding. Of coarse there was still ice time and starting New Years day B has a hockey tournament.
Friends came over with their little ones and Baby I had some sharing issues at first then she had fun with the kids. She is the tall one on the right. The little girl on the left is a couple weeks younger and the little boy in the middle is a few months younger than Baby I. I went to high school with their daddy's and it is so great getting together.
We headed up to Seymour Mountain, it was sooo beautiful and so much snow. We have found that the truck has some advantages..... we were able to make our own parking spot in the snow after driving around a while and finding NOTHING. S loved sledding, it was so great seeing that smile!!!!! Baby I was scared near the top of the hill and by the bottom, laughing and wanting more...
B Loved the day, no attitude just a happy kid. It was great. The boys having fun in the snow!! It is always more fun with friends!!!

She took S's hat and was so happy with herself!! Talk to you all in 2008. We hope you have a wonderful New Year full of Health Happiness and Joy

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Its been a busy week, as usual I guess....
The week began with S very unwell and ended up in the ICU briefly.. He spent the rest of the week home and sleeping, he is now starting to wake up and feeling a bit closer to normal.

B has been helping out a Ringette team by being their goalie. He is very shy with the team but when on the ice he is a team player. They had a tournament this weekend and they won 2 of the games thanks to the help of the tournament MVP - our B!!

When she saw Stel outside on the ladder she was very excited and had to climb on the bench and talk to him...Baby I is loving the Christmas season, all the lites and Santa's and the music. This year we put some lights on our little tree out front and Baby I put on some decorations.

Monday, December 03, 2007

This year is just flying by....

The kids are growing and so busy, they are keeping Stel and I busy. Baby I loves her dolls and anything girly

We had a big snow over the weekend, it was really beautiful , our foot and a half of snow Sunday has turned into flooding everywhere today!

B's hockey team picture, he is on the ice 5 and often 6 times a week.The arena is staring to be far too familiar to us!! He is enjoying it though and that's what counts.
We went to a Christmas party Sunday, yeah we ventured into Vancouver in all the snow.... anyways it was so beautiful to be at a Christmas function with all the snow around. the kids had fun, B was soaked from playing, and what a great shot he had in this picture!!!S loves Fin, the mascott for the Vancouver Canucks Hockey team, no matter how S is feeling Fin makes him happy.