Monday, December 03, 2007

This year is just flying by....

The kids are growing and so busy, they are keeping Stel and I busy. Baby I loves her dolls and anything girly

We had a big snow over the weekend, it was really beautiful , our foot and a half of snow Sunday has turned into flooding everywhere today!

B's hockey team picture, he is on the ice 5 and often 6 times a week.The arena is staring to be far too familiar to us!! He is enjoying it though and that's what counts.
We went to a Christmas party Sunday, yeah we ventured into Vancouver in all the snow.... anyways it was so beautiful to be at a Christmas function with all the snow around. the kids had fun, B was soaked from playing, and what a great shot he had in this picture!!!S loves Fin, the mascott for the Vancouver Canucks Hockey team, no matter how S is feeling Fin makes him happy.

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