Sunday, November 23, 2008

Today, we had had a plan to try and get the Kids pictures taken. Luckily it was a sunny chilly day and after Bentley finished his second game we headed out to the park. Sebastian has not been awake in the past couple weeks and hasn't been out in longer than that, but this afternoon he was awake for a couple hours.
The pictures are not great, taken from my cell He really seemed happy to be outside in the fresh air.I am really not sure what she was thinking, but think its pretty cute anyways!!If you really know Bentley you will also likely know that minutes later he was waist deep sitting in the water!

Friday, November 07, 2008

Our Baby has turned 3, wow how time flies! We just can't believe our little baby is so grown up. Isabelle had her little Birthday party the saturday before her birthday with some of her little friends. They had some fun at Build A Bear then a bit of lunch and cake. This cake was made at a local grocery store and was fantastic.We got to see our little neice and a couple of friends we don't see often which was really nice and also a few of Isabelle's little friends.She LOVED her new Dolly!!!!She wouldn't let us take it out of the box until she was alone, apparently she didn't want to share it or let anyone touch! She takes her baby everywhere she goes and even shares her favorite blanket with her.After Isabelle's party we went into Canuck Place for Sebastian for a week. They are working hard at trying to keep him comfortable and checking/seeing if there is anything that they can or should be doing for him at this time. His body is fighting but his underlying metabolic disorder is fighting harder and he is slowly going downhill. There are many days/weeks he doesn't really wake much and other times he is awake but just doesn't really focus very much. At times we are not sure he knows us and then other times where he is very aware. It is a very difficult process to watch. Canuck Place has decided he is going to be admitted regularly to monitor him and apparently help with upcoming decisions.
Isabelle was in Canuck Place for her actual Birthday so she had a really pretty cake made for her with strawberry shortcake on it as well as a strawberry shortcake umbrella and little bag. She was so excited and LOVES strawberry shortcake.
On Halloween day Isabelle wore her Ballet outfit around Canuck Place with her Doll. She has been falling a lot more and been off balance so wanted her to wear something that we wouldn't have to worry about her tripping over.
Sebastian wasn't awake during the day which he probably was happy about - he does not enjoy costumes. Both Bentley and Isabelle wanted him to come trick - or - treating so we packed him up warm and brought him out with us, he wasn't overly impressed but some fresh air and change of cenerie are good.Our buddy Andrei comes into Canuck Place once in a while to do some music, so we text him and he came in and he sang and played guitar as well as stel played guitar for what ended up being a pretty big group of kids, and volunteers and staff. Always enjoyable and so honoured he comes in.

Other things going on around here....
Hockey is back in full gear as well as goalie for ringette for bentley. School seems a bit better this year, he has a great teacher who I really think will be great for him.
Stel has changed jobs, its a bit stressful but he seems really happy with the new job. It is a bit further away and he seems to be there A LOT overtime, but he seems happy with the change and benefits and the people.
I have been working very part time for the Burnaby/New West Infant Development Program and very much enjoy my time there and really just needed to get of the house a bit.
Thats us, how about you???