Tuesday, May 27, 2008

May is almost over, school is coming to an end shortly and the weather is getting better, hopefully summer is finally starting!!!!!!

We went to the aquarium for dreamnight and the kids seemed to all have fun and got to touch and see things they don't usually get to on a normal day. Sebastian smiled and we have not seen that in months....Bentley was so excited about Indiana Jones movie opening that he has seen it twice!
Sebastian is doing ok, thats all i really know. We seem to start feeling comfortable with how his breathing is, have gotten a bit used to his eyes rolling back and passing out but then he takes a breath. But then bam he does another 5 minuter! Scary but there just doesn't appear to be anything to do for him. He doesn't have the energy or excitement he used to and he now is having so many more seizures, from the lack of oxygen. Stel's work has been painfully slow, but on the upside he has been able to be home with Sebastian more. We were able to take Isabelle out to the park a bit on her own which she enjoyed so much.

Isabelle likes taking all the little hats off bentley's lego storm troopers!!!climbing around at stanley park

Friday, May 09, 2008

Another week gone by so fast and another busy weekend coming up....

We decided tonight to head out for a bit of a walk since it wasn't raining yet and forecast is for rain all weekend, how dismal.
everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and the kids enjoyed exploring. they got to see lots of baby geese and ducks and 5 beavers from a distance. One goose was hissing at Bentley and tried to give his bum a little nibble. Isabelle would get frightened if the goose would come towards her hissing though. Sebastian enjoyed being outside as well

Sebastian has had a reasonably good week, but a bad bad day today. We are not sure what is ahead for Sebastian and seriously wonder just how much he can handle.
Stel and I went to a little boy's funeral in Westbank on Wednesday, what a day but we were glad we were able to make it happen for his parents. They are amazing people who we have had the honor of becoming friends with.

Monday, May 05, 2008

we are home

We are home, actually we have been home for a few days now, but life doesn't stop so we have been busy since coming home.

Bentley has been busy with both hockey and lacrosse and Isabelle had ballet class with an upcoming recital in the works.

Sebastian is home now. He seems to be stable but his breathing all depends on him right now. Both Stel and I didn't think Sebastian would make it. Being home has been good but also a bit scary. Isabelle's lazy hair day...