Friday, August 25, 2006

Sleeping Beauty

Taking pictures of the kiddos is something that happens on a daily basis pretty much - love digital!!
B is out at Cultal Lake waterslides for the day hopefully having a fabulous time with a day camp. S is out at the waterpark with his best friend in the world so I know he is having a great time for sure. Baby I is playing in her walker with some measuring spoons, she's happy.
We were at Sunyhill today for S and baby I, he got to try out a real cool stander thingy and he seemed happy with it, baby I got assesed and needs some AFO-splint thingys for her feet/ankles. These two are keeping our medical bills climbing thats for sure!!!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Its Sunday night, the kids are all fast asleep after a day of fun at the Lake. They had a great time, would probably be happy if they were still out in the water!!! We were up with friends and all the kids got along and had fun together - all in all a great summer day - the only thing that could have made it better is if a huge number of dog owners would buck up and clean up after their pets!!!

Well I guess the kiddos didn't read the sign? But do they care ? nope a bit more mud makes it so much more fun while catching frogs!!

We went to the PNE saturday - wow it was soo busy, but what would a summer in Vancouver be without a trip to the PNE?

Friday, August 18, 2006

B and baby I had their shots last night. B was the super strong guy he always is and baby I had her sad big tears. Today she is crabbier than we've ever seen, poor girl. S got to watch them get their shots, finally he gets a break and no needles! Baby I has had some appointments lately, sadly, it sure reminds me of S around this age, he had so many clinic appointments. No seizures for our girl so that is great and she is a growing girl and so much fun. Our neurologist want to take her to grand rounds to get more ideas how to best figure her out. So we will see if they have any grand ideas!!
In 3 weeks we are heading on vacation, I can't wait - sure wish time didn't seem to be going to slowly!
I have been spending a lot of time with the kids just us latley and its been great, but no matter what we do I don't think that it can ever be enough for S. Haven't yet figured out how to do more so he can be more involved and active but i've got my thinking cap on....

Saturday, August 12, 2006

a morning at the park

We had fun at the park yesterday morning.... Three kinds of swings three kinds of kids - they are all so awsome and amazing in their very own way
Baby I loved the swing, shes never really been on one but enjoyed a few minutes od the ride

S enjoyed his swing ride so much, he had such a great time

B enjoyed the swing, he doesn't usually spend very much time on them but for today they all had a fun time

Everyday B tells me how many days till school starts, his countdown started before kindergarten was over so for everyone's information - there are 23 more sleeps till school starts and 27ish days till we go on vacation. Yipeee I am so excited
We are heading out today for a BBQ at a friends house. I went to highschool with Mike and Darryl and they both have babies about baby I's age so the little ones will be fun to watch

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

This is very past do so lets see whats been going on.....

I guess thats not very exciting but i sure think its cute.
We have been busy and having lots of fun. B had fun with a critter guy and a tarantula. S and B loved watching the lumberjack show up on Grouse Mountain while baby I had fun pulling Laura's hair. The kids loved going to the outdoor pool a couple times over the long weekend - all 3 LOVE water so its so much fun with them in the water.
I have been going insane trying to put our old video camera tapes to DVD. We have been bugging friends, store employees and family trying to figure it out. We baught a whole bunch of things for the computer but that wasn't what we were in need of so we went out and got a digital video camera. So we connect out camera to the new camera record it digitally then connect it to the computer burn to dvd perfect right- nope for the life of me I can't figure out how to record it in the european format. There has to be a way so i bet another 30 hours and i'll figure it out or the computer and cameras will be free to a good home.

Lianne, gotta tell you, its going to be sad, I've enjoyed you being off a couple days a week and getting together so I know your doing what is best for your family but i'm going to miss you.