Tuesday, August 08, 2006

This is very past do so lets see whats been going on.....

I guess thats not very exciting but i sure think its cute.
We have been busy and having lots of fun. B had fun with a critter guy and a tarantula. S and B loved watching the lumberjack show up on Grouse Mountain while baby I had fun pulling Laura's hair. The kids loved going to the outdoor pool a couple times over the long weekend - all 3 LOVE water so its so much fun with them in the water.
I have been going insane trying to put our old video camera tapes to DVD. We have been bugging friends, store employees and family trying to figure it out. We baught a whole bunch of things for the computer but that wasn't what we were in need of so we went out and got a digital video camera. So we connect out camera to the new camera record it digitally then connect it to the computer burn to dvd perfect right- nope for the life of me I can't figure out how to record it in the european format. There has to be a way so i bet another 30 hours and i'll figure it out or the computer and cameras will be free to a good home.

Lianne, gotta tell you, its going to be sad, I've enjoyed you being off a couple days a week and getting together so I know your doing what is best for your family but i'm going to miss you.


Anonymous said...

Very sweet, dare I ask how the editing is going. I made my very own make work project today- i still have more to do......ttfn

Gracie'sMama said...

Awwww, you're so good to me. I'm sad that i'm returning to work full time; i'm going to miss my weekday visits with you and the kids. But i'll stil have weekends. Hey, if we've managed to make it work for 25+ years, this is nothing!
Take care, my friend.