Saturday, August 12, 2006

a morning at the park

We had fun at the park yesterday morning.... Three kinds of swings three kinds of kids - they are all so awsome and amazing in their very own way
Baby I loved the swing, shes never really been on one but enjoyed a few minutes od the ride

S enjoyed his swing ride so much, he had such a great time

B enjoyed the swing, he doesn't usually spend very much time on them but for today they all had a fun time

Everyday B tells me how many days till school starts, his countdown started before kindergarten was over so for everyone's information - there are 23 more sleeps till school starts and 27ish days till we go on vacation. Yipeee I am so excited
We are heading out today for a BBQ at a friends house. I went to highschool with Mike and Darryl and they both have babies about baby I's age so the little ones will be fun to watch

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Gracie'sMama said...

you really are the best mom i know.

hope you had a great time visiting Darryl & Mike & their families. Man, that was a long time ago (longer for me; i'm older than you)!!!

enjoy what's left of summer, Ben, fall will be here soon enough!

Lianne & Gracie (Poopie Pants to a select few - BENTLY!)