Friday, August 25, 2006

Sleeping Beauty

Taking pictures of the kiddos is something that happens on a daily basis pretty much - love digital!!
B is out at Cultal Lake waterslides for the day hopefully having a fabulous time with a day camp. S is out at the waterpark with his best friend in the world so I know he is having a great time for sure. Baby I is playing in her walker with some measuring spoons, she's happy.
We were at Sunyhill today for S and baby I, he got to try out a real cool stander thingy and he seemed happy with it, baby I got assesed and needs some AFO-splint thingys for her feet/ankles. These two are keeping our medical bills climbing thats for sure!!!

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doubledouble said...

Miss you. Baby I is very sweet. Those days are gone for me now...sigh.