Saturday, May 19, 2007

Baby I -- all smiles
She is off and running now...

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I went out tonight, which is weird all in itself. It felt odd leaving Stel and the kids at home but I knew they could handle it. met up with a girlfriend and we went for dinner then to see Jann Arden. The concert was great, she is a great entertainer and just so funny. Why is it then that even though I was enjoying myself, I kept thinking of: I wonder if the kids have had dinner/ or did they eat it, then later, I wonder if Baby I was put to bed yet, how is S doing, is he comfortable, Is B in bed yet and so on... I did have a good time, everything is perfectly fine at home and ╦ćwonder when I will do it again?

We thought today was casts off day for S but no such luck, we'll try again in another month, poor guy - they are so uncomfortable and hot,but on the upside, he can sit up now so yipeeee
So I thought this water play thingy looked really coolbut maybe its just not for her!!! there just isn't enough room to swim...

Friday, May 11, 2007

Life has been busy and life is coming under control and our home is becoming our home again. It feels so good to be able to lead our "normal" life again!! We are exhausted and keep finding things we have to do or want to do. The ceilings look great, so much better than before.
B was quite sick for a couple weeks but is feeling much better and was back to school this week. Since the weather has been improving we've been out playing hockey with him ever night!
S is very sick right now, sure hope he will begin to feel better very soon. He has been doing quite well with his cast and has been doing quite well until he got sick this past week.
Baby I as become a very busy little girl. She loves to climb, especially onto the compuer desk to watch the pictures!!