Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I went out tonight, which is weird all in itself. It felt odd leaving Stel and the kids at home but I knew they could handle it. met up with a girlfriend and we went for dinner then to see Jann Arden. The concert was great, she is a great entertainer and just so funny. Why is it then that even though I was enjoying myself, I kept thinking of: I wonder if the kids have had dinner/ or did they eat it, then later, I wonder if Baby I was put to bed yet, how is S doing, is he comfortable, Is B in bed yet and so on... I did have a good time, everything is perfectly fine at home and ╦ćwonder when I will do it again?

We thought today was casts off day for S but no such luck, we'll try again in another month, poor guy - they are so uncomfortable and hot,but on the upside, he can sit up now so yipeeee
So I thought this water play thingy looked really coolbut maybe its just not for her!!! there just isn't enough room to swim...

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