Friday, November 09, 2007

We have had another busy couple weeks. B is doing very well in school and he reads so well and enjoys books and school work.
Baby I did not like walking on the Beach, and really hated the wind, but she was cute anyways.S Loved the Beach and the stormy weather the day before, but for this picture it was nicer outside. It was way to stormy and windy for him to sit on his own the day before this one!Stel chose what Baby I was going to wear, let me just say, white capri's while climbing around wet rocks and stuff, not a very great idea!!!B LOVED the wind, it was hard to stand during some of the gust but so much fun climbing. This is one thing he loves - climbing and adventuring in the outdoors.
Our frinds came over to Hornby for a day to visit and we had a great time. The power was out most of the day because of the storms so we went outside to play! We were about to pack up our stuff and head to their place off the island but the power came on at the last minute, too bad. Baby I loves playing with her friends and talks about them all the time.

This is a great picture and looks like he is being safe!

Wait for it, ya just scroll down a wee bit more.............................................

Yup not a shock!!!
The wave was over his head at one and he was soaked, but laughing. Somehow none of us were surprised he got totally soaked!!!

B and I were checking out the cool starfish, they weren't actually starfish they were the ones that are huge and look like a sunshine. There were also a bunch of crabs climbing around on rocks deep in the water
The kids were playing video games in S's room at Canuck Place. We were there for a couple days after Hornby Island trying to settle a couple medications for S.