Saturday, July 28, 2007

Its been quite a week, and a good one

I will start by saying, wow, Stel is really quite excited about his up-coming triathalon... He is now doing the medium race, 6km kayak/32kmbike/8km run...
Today he went to his second official training, today was run/hike through some pretty tough terrain. He was glad he had done some running this week thats for sure but is sure glad he has now seen how tough the terrain really is!! He took a couple big falls, but didn't want to get behind so got up and kept going - a sore ankle and a few bruises. He was pushing himself - he is way to competitive! Later this week he is going for his first bike training...

I took the kids to Victoria this week for a few days of exploring.

They all seemed to have a really good time, but I missed having Stel around to help chase Baby I!!

Baby I loved going on the horse drawn carriage, she loved the horse!

B loved going to the bug zoo, one of his favorite places in Victoria!!

The Titanic exhibit at the Royal BC museum was very good. Each of us was given a boarding pass when we entered the titanic exhibit and at the end you could read the wall and see if you were one of the survivors, some of us were not lucky! Baby I did not like the life-size wooly mammoth! S found the museum to be a bit too crowded but enjoyed the other things we did more.

We went on a tour of the parliment buildings, with the wheelchair we had to take a seperate entrance, because of this we got to see the prison cell in the basement which is not part of the actual tour.

A bit of swimming in the hotel pool and then some visiting with a friend of B's at their house way out in Mechosin,
a 3 ferry sailing wait and home we came.
I am exhausted today, but the kids were so well behaved we had a great time.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Another dismal rainy week gone by....

Stel has officially begun his training for the Adventure Challenge triathalon in support of Canuck Place Children's Hospice. Saturday morning 8 am he was off the deep cove Kayaking. Though it was raining, the scenery is beautiful and he seemd to enjoy it. He has come to realize though that he is too tall for comfortable kayaking!!! Tonight in the rain he took the bike out for the first time in possibly 2 years. He decided he needs a new bike seat for when he actually goes more than a couple blocks and for sure no trails on that seat!

We went to see Grease at Theatre Under the Stars in Stanley Park ths week, I highly recomend it. All of us enjoyed it even B who didn't really want to go!!

Baby I has had a very tough week, high fevers then full body rash which she still has. She has Roseola and man is she not a happy girl. She is miserable, we are all miserable....

Sleep has been at a premium here this week... And when this happens I lay awake and think about what needs to get done, what didn't get done, the bills, the future..... I find thinking about the future to be very tough; I think sometimes as a a special needs parent the only way to survive is to do as an addict does. One day at a time. I know that one day at a time is the way to keep my mind clear and positive. But when I cannot sleep my mind fills with thoughts of the future and I just cannot fathom what our future will hold. Though S is doing well and he does make advances in his own way and time; he knows so much but just cannot show us and he does get frustrated with us when we don't know what he wants or when we answer in the wrong way. But as time goes by the things that were so cute as a toddler and child won't and aren't seen as cute as an adolescent and teen. We love him fully and that will never change. I also worry very much about B and Baby I; they adore him now, but will there be a day when they loose their affection and it turn to embarrasment? It is so hard to be different when you are a kid, will they be strong enough to embrace S and love him on an unconditional basis? Will we raise them right.. B is so beyond fantastic to his siblings, we are so proud of him. Recently with friends over, one friend made a comment that S doesn't know anything and instantly B stood up for him and told him he is so smart and does know a lot, just that that friend doesn't know how to talk to him and watch for S's answers. I had been in the washroom and overheard them in the back-yard and was just so proud of B, and so glad that that was when my bladder was full so i could overhear this.... B is always standing up for S, I hope Baby I will also be so good with her big brother.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Summer is here, pool time has begun in full force and it is hot!!! I know we shouldn't play with our food, but she was having such a good time....
We've begun some back yard clean up, taking down some trees and rotten fence is always more fun when you get to use big machines. B learned how to drive the truck and thought it was pretty cool!!! Its great to have neighbours that like machines too!!