Wednesday, September 15, 2010

it's been a long time

Its been a very long time since any kind of update... life has gotten very busy!
Bentley played on a spring hockey team into the summer, the team did really well and it was a great group of boys!.. This morning the final cuts were made and bentley did well and made the A1 rep hockey team. Way to go for him, tryouts were stressful and he worked hard and it will be quite a season! Isabelle completed a kids triathlon and did awsome. She had so much fun! She had to swim, bike then run and she took it very seriously and was so proud of herself when she got her medal!we headed to the PNE in the summer and Belly brought her little friend, they had a blast! Bentley alo had a fun time and enjoyed all the rides he used to be scared of. Belly was sooo excited to watch Bobs and Lolo and then meet them. She has seen them before and loves them - she sings many of their songs and sang along with the concert! Bentley went to the island with a buddy and got to spend time with a really good friend he knows from Canuck Place for a couple day then they went to tofino for a couple days camping! He had a blast and it was great for him to get away. Isabelle was the happiest girl in the world to go to her dance teacher's wedding! She said it was the best day every! She danced for hours! In between the wedding and the reception we went for a walk in gastown! I love this picture for Stel and Belly and also enjoy the shoes in the john flueuvog bag Stel is carrying! One very happy little girl!Stel again participated in the Canuck Place adventure challenge triathlon! He did a fantastic job and had a great partner and crossed the finish line in record time! Thank you very very much to all who helped us out and sponsored Stel to support Canuck Place!Isabelle ran across the finish line with Stel and Chris!

Its been very busy over the summer!
Stel went back to work the day before summer holidays for Bentley - now with both of us working full time it feels like we are always running around like crazy! School started as well as all the extra activities the kids do, still not sure how we will get them both where they need to be!
Bentley started grade 5, he has the same teacher as last year and he is happy about that. Isabelle started kindergarten and seems happy! This is the one year that they will be together at the same school!
well that's a bit of an update on us.