Friday, August 18, 2006

B and baby I had their shots last night. B was the super strong guy he always is and baby I had her sad big tears. Today she is crabbier than we've ever seen, poor girl. S got to watch them get their shots, finally he gets a break and no needles! Baby I has had some appointments lately, sadly, it sure reminds me of S around this age, he had so many clinic appointments. No seizures for our girl so that is great and she is a growing girl and so much fun. Our neurologist want to take her to grand rounds to get more ideas how to best figure her out. So we will see if they have any grand ideas!!
In 3 weeks we are heading on vacation, I can't wait - sure wish time didn't seem to be going to slowly!
I have been spending a lot of time with the kids just us latley and its been great, but no matter what we do I don't think that it can ever be enough for S. Haven't yet figured out how to do more so he can be more involved and active but i've got my thinking cap on....

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4ever29 said...

Where's vacation this year? Glad you guys are having a good summer despite allthe appointments.