Monday, January 08, 2007

Suzanne, this picture is dedicated to you........
Life has been busy, almost seems calming to have the holiday's over. School's back in and routine has begun again. Thanks baby I for the wake up this morning. She has become very busy, climbing on everything and getting stuck in the most difficult places! She has this high pitched short scream/squeal that she seems to be doing all the time, for attention, when she is stuck, when she wants something, well lets just say all the time!! The last wind storm a couple days back brought down our neighbours tree, we were all very lucky, no one was hurt and amazingly no damage. It just missed a vehicle, and the wires, but besides blocking the road no major damage

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Anonymous said...

It is sad that I draw such dedications, but at the same time I feel pride that I sports such great taste.

that is a big tree!