Sunday, January 28, 2007

Well another weekend has flown by.
B had a hockey and a soccer game saturday morning, winning is not important but wow he did well. you see, he is goalie for hockey and though winning isn't the important thing, there is a lot of pressure. It was almost a shut-out, would have been his first but 1 goal slipped, 8-1 for the bulldogs!!! He felt so good about himself after the game, he sure worked hard and had A LOT of saves, Way to go B.
He went straight to the soccer field and his team did very well and worked hard together. we were on the south field which was totally frozen but no injuries and a happy team - A good day for B, he sure felt good about himself!
Baby I has a cold so she is fine in the day, but trouble sleeping at night, we sure are not used to her waking in the night!

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