Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Wow, July has started with lots of activities, water play, music, fireworks and FUN.

Not so sure this was a good idea, when it was time to get her out of the water, B wanted help and S and I were looking at each other trying to decide who was going to have to jump in!! Now of coarse if there was any chance either child was in any danger we would have both jumped

B worked very hard to dunk the cheerleader, wow he's got great aim!!

We've spent time with friends, family and together as a family, its been an enjoyable 1st to 4th of July!
June was very full with doctors appointments, hospital clinic visits, physio appointmets, IDP, and more for S and I, school ending for B and a birthday for me - I sure am glad June is done!!


Anonymous said...

We had a god time too...laser tag is still being mentioned, and I found a Time Horton's

4ever29 said...

What a busy time for you guys. Your kids sure are growing fast. Enjoy your summer!

jenn said...

so we are liked by one of your kids and now disliked by 3 others!! We are going to have to fix that