Saturday, June 23, 2007

There are 3 1/2 days of school left till summer holidays....sure hoping that summer weather will also finally start ....

B seems to be looking forward to summer holidays and we are sure hoping he will find grade 2 more challenging and exciting (grade one was a bit of a let-down for him).

B enjoyed his sports day on friday and he and his friend took baby I in the pre-school race, she did not enjoy having to wait in the line for the race to start, but they were cute.
S is doing better, still struggling but getting a bit happier. He sure isn't our happy guy yet but slowly slowly getting there.

Baby I is doing well, she loves her babies and dollies now.. She loves her steamed milk and her brothers and her new found mobility - shes fun and exhausting, a joy...

Last weekend we had a nice dinner at Gramma and Grampa's Saturday then Sunday we took the kids to the Tim Mcgraw and Faith Hill concert, S loves music concerts and we wanted to do something for him that he loves. He did have fun it was so great to see a smile.

Baby I and B fell asleep part way through, but they did enjoy the part they saw, Baby I was dancing and clapping along.Baby I wants the same vehicle her mommy wants!!!!

We headed up for a bit of a easy hike in Capilano, S was so happy to get out , its been a long time since he could enjoy a bumpy wheelchair ride, but he did pretty good. B loved the climbing and getting dirty and Baby I had a lot of fun on the trails.

She fell once and got her knees dirty, not hurt, and cried because they got muddy, kept saying wowie wowie.

then we took a wander around the salmon hatchery and watching the salmon trying to jump up the stream to get out.


doubledouble said...

Great update and photos.

Baby I is too cute, as always.

Cheryl, Kevin and Afton said...

I had tickets for the Hill/McGraw concert here...from my company, a corporate box. But I was home because Afton had what we thought was an ear infection. I'll forgive her soon enough.