Monday, June 04, 2007

Its been a busy busy month for us. B has the countdown on for the end of school!!!
S has been having a tough tough month, he's lost another 6 pounds in the last couple weeks, hoping that June is easier on him.
Baby I is incredibly busy and loves to wonder all over.

Baby I had a great time visiting Maplewood Farms. She tried copying the goats and wanted to try eating off the ledge but decided to give the goat a kiss instead. She followed them around all over. She feds some chickens and loved the huge rabbits.
We didn't stay too long, it was too hot for S but went by a pool on our way home and Baby I and B had soo much fun enjoying the water.
S put his feet into the water a little and seemed to enjoy the water as long as we didn't splash him. Baby I would check on S every few minutes.

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Cheryl, Kevin and Afton said...


I found your blog when I was looking at the picture attached to your comments. I hope you don't mind. Love the pictures of he kids. Baby I looks like alot of fun. Can't believe how tall/big B has gotten, and of course I'm hoping that S starts to feel alot better soon. Please tell your DH hello and I'm trying to push the fact that I want to come back to V. soon.