Monday, October 09, 2006

In addition to yesterdays post.....

We decided to head out to the bird sanctuary since we didn't have time yesterday.

It is so nice out there,
so peaceful, ok well maybe not peaceful when the ducks are trying to get your bag of food!!

It is such a nice area and walk,
you can just put some seed on you hand and the little chickadees will land and get some food.
If you look close there is a little chickadee on my hand.

We then headed to the big Richmond pumpkin patch to get our fresh vegetables and check out the music.
They have musicians and S seemed to finally be happy. Since coming home from California he just didn't seem happy but yesterday he finally seemed Happy and smiley.
I sure hope we've got our happy guy back.

B had fun having hay fights with some boys in the hay and being burried in the hay!!!

Baby I and S both enjoyed the guys in the band.

Baby I has become a very busy girl. She commando pulls herself through the house and she has found her favorite places to be the bathroom and the garbage can!! I think it is now time to baby-gate the house!! Oh my she gets into everything!!

Well I am off to have a re-match with B from our game Saturday night!!

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doubledouble said...

looks fun and beautiful!