Monday, October 02, 2006

AHH what a day, is it really only monday.
We have a little motoring baby I, oh the places she is getting into. I guess I sure got used to her staying in one spot. She hasn't mastered getting onto her belly yet but once she is, she uses her toes and pulls with her elbows in a commando style crawl - she is doing a great job cleaning my floors!!!
S and baby I had a pediatrician appointment, they are both doing well. Only thing he does't like is the look of baby I's foot splints, neither do we but I sure wan't hoping to get new ones yet. We have an appointment with the orthitist now, cha ching, here we go.
B is back to school and a bit disapointed that they are not doing harder work, but he is enjoying his friends at recess and lunch.
It feels like an out fo control time, maybe its just me with lots going on, maybe, who knows.
Our fighter in California has taken a turn for the not so good, so for all you prayerers out there keep Tyler in your thoughts for peace and and comfort and for Tamie to get through whatever she needs


4ever29 said...

You're friends are in my prayers. So are you :)

Anonymous said...

Praying for Tyler! I hope this week settles down for you