Monday, October 23, 2006

S and his peaceful hands

Its been a busy fun exhausting week.

The kids and I headed up to Squamish last week for Canuck Place Hospices Kid camp.


B loves going and this year was no different he had the time of his life. B has so much fun with Will here and also with his buddy Rob but Baby I is too busy having fun with Rob. She showed him how she gets around a room then he showed her how he can - man was his shirt soo gross after that.

S had fun this year, last year he ended up in hospital with pnemonia so this year was great. <
S had a lizard on his shoulder. Mike the Critter guy came up and brought a whole bunch of things, snaked, bird, and incredibly soft chinchilla and many more.

Baby I had fun, she had constant attention and was in need of nothing at all.

They all loved the pool and constant activities, but the food was horrid!! They enjoyed the ice cream eating competition, B came in second place. They made Mr.Potatoe heads with real potatoes and they turned out great. we went walking along the riverside and saw a seal in the river, there were bunnies all over the camp and a few people saw a bear friday night. The staff and volunteers did an awsome job with planning and being fun for the kids.

Stel headed up fridaay night and saturday morning we headed to Whistler, I love whistler and all the activity.

We can't wait for snow - and a weekend trip to whistler with friends-hint hint double double...

Only a few more days and Baby I will be the 1. Where has the year gone. I'm feeling sad that our baby is growing up so fast. She is getting so speedy with her comando crawling and getting into trouble. Today she headed outside B left his room door open and she went out to visit dad in the backyard.


4ever29 said...

I can't belive that I will be having a birthday already! What a year it's been for you guys.

Anonymous said...

I love the podium pic. Glad you went and had a good time.