Friday, September 29, 2006

We are back....

We are home, missing our friends and the beaches and of coarse Mickey but also glad to be home. Home is good.
The kids did great on the trip back - they are awsome travellers!

On our last day at the beach in Carlsbad as we were playing in the surf we saw a school of dolphins - that was soo cool and super glad it wasn't a school of sharks!!! what a nice way to end the trip.
Baby I did so much while we were away, maybe she needed a break from doctors and all. She is doing awsome, she is a bit behind in her gross motor development but right on in her cognitive - which is frustrating her when she wants something and can't get to it. While in california she learned to wave, to clap, to stand with support and yes oh my she pulled herself farward on our last day(it was about an inch but she is determined now if she uses her legs we will have to start childproofing)!!! She is so much fun.
B is back to school about 10 minutes after we got home!!! I am so disapointed about where he was placed and the grouping. I am at such a loss if i leave it alone or change schools or what - I just don't know right now, but sad I am.
S did so awsome on the trip and drive - it was for him - He is a star. In the picture is his best buddy and a reason for visiting. Those two boys have faught a fight harder than they should have ever had to but they keep fighting - they inspire me

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4ever29 said...

Jenn, S may inspire you but you are truly the inspriation to me.