Sunday, September 24, 2006

S cried for more than a couple hours after leaving our hotel and disneyland for this trip. Poor guy, he was so sad and nothing we did made him happy - he LOVES disneyland!! We felt so bad for him, broke my heart, but he had spent soo much time there, I guess we will have to bring him back again!! And some people don't think he understands whats going on around him - oh how wrong they are
We headed out to Laguna Beach, it is so gorgeous there. The sand is so soft and fine - great for when Baby I takes handfulls and rubs it in her hair!! She'll be bringing some home with her for sure! B loves the beach and jumping in the waves. S decided he would try and have fun and also enjoyed getting the sand everywhere. We wandered through some art galleries and Stel loved that, also decided he wants to stay in california!!!
After the beach we headed back to our friends house to dinner that smelled sooo good and was :-) thank-you it was awsome.
We went to the beach
again and we all went in the huge waves and played around with a boogie board,
it was exhausting but soo fun. I think B was a born californian!!!
Its been really great spending time with our friends again, sure gonna be sad to go home but we are going to make the best of the rest of our days here!!


Gracie'sMama said...

but look what you have to come home to? ME! And today it was HOT here :-)
I'm afraid my Jennifer is planning a permanent move to sunny California.... (I so wouldn't be surprised!)
Travel safe!

Anonymous said...

Your kids look like natural Califorians- S looks very happy... it is hard not notice. See you soon

Anonymous said...

Hope you are enjoying the trek home- Starbucks would be costing me about as much in gas but I know that you are less neurotic than I ;) about our favourite products. If you stop by Target I am still having flash backs about the cast iron recipe book holder- remember. At any rate I am itching for a cross border run...miss you...see you soon