Monday, September 18, 2006

Our monkey S threw his glasses away!!

I was going to post yesterday this picture. the last photo S had before he threw his glasses away. S loves the character he grabs their noses/beaks are ears whatever he can get a good grip of, he keeps trying but they are not in his suitcase yet!! The last we reckon we saw of them were between the log ride, big thunder mountain (Baby I was watching the boys on big thunder mountain - i probably should have had her shoes on) and the princess store - funny that the store doesn't really fit the two scary rides!!! It had been a great trip with no problems until about 8:15 last night!! Oh well, we got over it and began again - though a bit blurry for S.
Yesterday and today were almost unbearably hot (over 94 the thingy read) at times but we had lots of fun doing whatever we please. Like checking out some of winnie the poohs honey pots. Baby I has the same "oh no not another picture look" just like B has!!!

This morning we decided to let B have some pool time before we headed to Disneyland. It was a nice, though a bit early and as the day went on we realized the pool in the morning drained us and we were dragging our butts today. Today our friend Bonnie came with one of her kids - its always fun when there are more people. Stel, S and Bonnie are on the back 2 rows of this insane coaster!!! Well....what a day we went on the tower of terror - a little peer pressure and I did it!! I will never look at an elevator again - 123 feet high wow! A little while after the tower of terror we got a call and someone turned in S's glasses, people visiting Disneyland are awsome!!! We coulodn't believe it sinve yesterday was so busy and it was dark out. S thought he got away with it - foiled again!!!
I can't believe how fast our trip is passing. its been great so far but the days seem to be going so fast.


Gracie'sMama said...

Hi :-) that is too funny about S and his glasses. He's been trying for years to get rid of those things!!!
You'll have to ask Daren about that roller coaster. He went on it three times in a row then onto Flying Over California. I didn't know someone could actually turn green! I went on the coaster once and that was enough for me.
Things are well here. I'll send you an email tonight. Should have some news for ya.
Take care. Glad you're having so much fun. Its raining here so enjoy the sunshine!
xoxoxo Lianne
ps - big hug for Ben from G.P.P.!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jenn,

Miss you all!! Can you post some more? I am liking the Disneyland vicariously experience.