Tuesday, September 12, 2006

We had lots of fun at universal studios yesterday. S was so excited to see the characters, he was screaming with excitment. As soon as B saw spongbob he also was so happy, though taking pictures of h im is a bit more difficult!!
S didn't want to let go, and the characters were so good with him
All of us together is quite a difficult endevour!! but it was the end of the day so B was too tired to fight it!!!
Baby I screamed and faught if any dressed up character came anywhere near her, it was so funny actually, but she loves this dog - the absolute sweetest pitt-bull you could ever meet.
It was such a beautiful day, actually way too hot for us, but so nice. S had trouble with the heat, but there were many waterparks through-out Universal so that made him feel a bit better.
We are heading to Anaheim now for a bit over a week, then we are coming back here to our friends. B is so excited about the picture of the hotel pool, though any water would work, he is a water magnet for sure.
Can't wait to see what the week will bring....


4ever29 said...

I am having total California envy! Looks like you guys are having a great time. Ride "Soarin over California" for me.

Gracie'sMama said...

i'm glad you've safely arrived. I miss you :-( If you see Dopey, give him a hug from me. Surprise, surprise, he is my favourite!
Be safe and have fun. Can't wait to see you when you get back,