Thursday, September 14, 2006

Its been a fantastic couple days.We've had great fun and at times scared silly!! I just LOVE B's face in this one. Our friends Bonnie and K were sitting behind the boys. It's so much fun sharing the day with friends. B is sooo shy around girls but he and K get along so well. S and B both Love rollercoasters and anything super fast and thrilling. Today they went on big thunder mountain 4 times. Space mountain was another favorite. B actually looks scared out of his mind but raises his hands and screams with petrified joy!! Baby I actually let some characters near her wihtout screaming, as long as there was some distance, maybe she is also coming around to enjoying the "happiest place on earth"! Stel is planning on tackling the huge roller coaster in California adventure!! hope he can handle it!!

The weather is awsome - soo hot - but great. The palm trees are amazing, the excitment is fabulous, the attitudes of the kids is grand and the food is outrageously expensive - a great first 6 days lets see what the next couple weeks bring!!
Ahh lianne, the house to yourself, creepy quiet and lonely but a few days to yourself after work, enjoy.

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4ever29 said...

Keep up the fun! Looks like you are having a great time.