Monday, September 11, 2006

We arrived

We are here - what a long trip!! I think I somehow block out how long it really takes, but I remember now.... The kids were great. They slept the whole night, B got a bit bored in the LA traffic but they were great. Funny no one wanted to go in the car yesterday!!! As soon as we got here to our friend Tamies, B was looking at the pool and kinda fell in after I gave him a big push!!!! He loved it S and Baby I ended up in the pool as well.
We were going to head to Mexico today but have had second thoughts after hearing some bad stories yesterday so I think we will head to universal studios instead, or the beach we will see.
All the family was here yesterday and the kids got along real well and had a great time.
I will try and get some pictures loaded tonight before we head to our hotel tomorrow and then I am not sure how to do it from there!!
oh and it is HOT, Stel is finally happy and feeling like hes having a vacation!!! Suzanne - we'll see how it goes with him at Disney Tuesday haha


Anonymous said...

Glad you arrived uneventfully. I can text stel if you need some reinforcement, but i think he will be just fine. Enjoy a caramel apple for me.

Luv Me

Anonymous said...

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