Sunday, March 11, 2007

A very very wet weekend is coming to a quick end.

B had his last official hockey game of the season (just a week tournament next week still to go) Way to go B ... He was in goal against their biggest rivals. He made some amazing saves, he is a natural in goal - much to my dismay!!!! I know the boys coaches were hoping to get bragging rights for the summer......

From there we headed to B's soccer tournament. Soccer is now officially over for this season. (you can actually see the rain if you make the picture bigger - you can also see b's goal kick!) It poured and came down like I haven't seen in forever, but the boys sure didn't seem to notice! They did great both games and todays were cancelled thank goodness. You know the rain is bad when the coaches and ref's are using an umbrella and are still soaked right thru!!
Stel had been in the back yard and did not remember to close the baby gate, so when I went a looking for baby I, she was hard to find!! She was out on the back deck looking for her daddy!!!

S had a so so weekend, he doesn't love it when there are lots of games all weekend!! He is feeling better from having a tough time battling his cold. When he is doing well he is the healthiest of all of us, but since he is having such a tough time with his hip he just cannot fight off all the viruses going around!!! Looks like surgery will be the first week of April, wow that is sure getting close. Just have to mention how amazing his brother is again, when S doesn't look great he sings s's favorite song to get a smile from him, no matter what he was doing - way to go B!

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4ever29 said...

Amen to the end of soccer! S will be in our prayers as his surgery approaches.