Sunday, November 19, 2006

Just had to tell about how proud I am of B

Oh my, a second post on one weekend!! thats big for me, but I am no where near catching up to you R!!
First i will catch up the day till we get to my proud mom moment.

Today we were in the house, it was stormy out, I love the wind - not the rain so much but after our waffles for a late breakfast we decided to go to the Santa Cause Parade in Downtown Vancouver. Yes we are insane but because of the rain figured no many would go - haha we are soo stupid!! It was sunny in vancouver and there were people everywhere. We got a good spot and waited, we were stuck - there was no getting out during this slowwwwww parade, maybe next year we will stay home! the beginning of the parade is the food/toy bank train so B went to run the toys and diapers into the bins but they were moving so they kept falling out it was really funny, he kept trying to throw stuff in and they'd keep falling out so the volunteers tried throwing the diapers in and they hit the side and fell out again - we almost brought them back home but B got it all in!! S enjoyed the school bands, Baby I clapped and waved at everyone and B kept asking if it was over yet.

After the parade we had to stop and feed the kids, as we went to a spot to do this we passed a very very sad crying homeless gentleman on the ground crying asking why no one would help him. There were so many people pushing/shoving there way by but B must have been thinking a lot of this man. The kids had their late lunch and B asked for the cookies we packed for snack (we made them yesterday with my new kitchen toy) and B took one and asked if the man could have the other so he ran the baggie over to him. He wasn't in the same spot the police had had him move along but a shy B talked to the man and they both ate the cookie and though the circumstances suck my heart is so very proud of my B
Baby I used her Califonia stroller today so we believe thats why the sun came out - that strollers never seen rain yet!

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