Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Another day Another dilema

Well its almost 5 am and i can't sleep, I figured i should get up for a while so I don't wake Stel too since i have been tossing for hours.

Both Baby I and S see the same private physio and both see her twice a week, for sanity reasons it would be great if they could share days but unfortunatley that isn't the case now - hopefully one day! Anyhow, after last week I was feeling she was expecting too much from baby I in too short a time. Last week B came for the appointment and heard how upset Bab I was and even he tried to get her to stop, so yesterday when he found out she was going to physio while he was at school, he was dissapoined he was not going to be there to "help" her!! He is so great. As I drove there I kept thinking about what I would say. Well we were a little late as I had said we would be and physio was busy on the phone anyways so baby I was crawling around and found a pink balloon. Holding the pink balloon the entire physio session (and in the car, to childrens with S and around the house for the rest of the day) she hardly cried at all!! Physio was not quite as tough on her and she was not quite as stubborn!
Baby I loves to hug her brothers, especially S We also had an appointment at Childrens with S for orthopedics. He as been going down hill and we know the hip is the reason, so we were prepared to argue why we think they need to fix it. The last time he was seen the dr. was adament he did not want to "fix" it again. For those that do not know S has had severe issues with his right hip since he had them fixed 2 years ago. The left worked beautifully but the right has been re-opened 7 times due to problems caused after the 2 major surgeries. Bone grafting had been done but it never took and the metal plate had to be removed and a much bigger one placed. Each time he ended up with an infection in the site after surgery as well as major bleeds from accidentally hitting 2 arteries. There are only 2 options left, one which we wanted and thought we would have to really push for, but he agreed to do - if it does not take we have to do the last option which we DO NOT want . So great right, we should be so happy right, well no, the recovery this time will be significantly more extreme. Stel is totally for it still and now I am concerned if S can handle it. He cannot go on how he is I totally see that, but this recovery will be a test of will and determination seperate from putting him through another big long surgery (either way he has to have big surgery though)
So I am awake! and probably will be exhausted today!!


4ever29 said...

When I read about what you go through my admiration for you skyrockets. You are an incredible woman with incredible children and I will continue to keep all of you in my prayers.

doubledouble said...

I feel for Sebastian, he has been through too much.... but he puts up a fight and his will is strong. You are so very strong and there is nothing that you wouldn't do for your kids......I don't mean to say that you can't and shouldn't feel weak is so very overwhelming. Hope that you got a few more minutes of sleep.


very sweet pic of baby I