Thursday, March 20, 2008

the goings on

Happy Easter Long Weekend Everyone.....

It's been a busy Spring Break, poor B has had to come to the hospital 3 times so far, but he's done great and been good with Baby I. S had to have his J tube placed again yesterday, 3rd time in about a month, this tube is not going well for him....

S will be going in for his 9th hip surgery for the right hip next wednesday the 26th. Due to how bad his hip is looking it has been put in as emergency surgery. We are not certain he is up for this but it has to be done. This is not a great copy of the xray, but anyhow... The big metal has to come out as it has now almost pushed through the skin as well as it is causing him incredible pain. Another concern will be he will have extremely high risk of fracturing as they take it out and in the months afterwards.

B had a hockey tournament and they won all their games and played really well, he has another tournament starting in the morning so hoping they play as well and have fun. After this weekend his regular 2 hockey teams will be finished for this season. He has joined a 3 on 3 team for 3 months and lacrosse, which will be new for him. So he will still be keeping busy!!!

Baby I has been keeping busy with following the boys and all they are doing. She is enjoying her ballet school, they are preparing for their recital in June.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Jen long time no see.....the kids are getting so so big now OMG.....We wish you a happy Easter and hope its fun....kisses and hugz 4 all of you hope to talk soon,.....byebye Jen