Saturday, October 04, 2008

It's been a while, so thought i'd give a little update...September is over and everything is back and busy.

Bentley is in full swing at school, he has a great teacher this year and I have high hopes that this will be a good year for him! This is the coolest jumping thing, we all had fun on it! Hockey is back in and it doesn't feel like we ever had a break from it.
Isabelle is back in pre-school and loves going. She is back in ballet and this year she joined hip hop as well - she loves her classes.
Sebastian is not doing as well. He is deteriorating very quickly, his year has not been great obviously, but now its not good. He apparently is absorbing some of his feeds, but he is not able to process it. He is losing a bit over a kilo a month for the past many months and is now only 20 kilos. He is not very comfortable and does sleep much more, but the big thing really is that he does not seem happy anymore. We are very worried about the up coming winter. Canuck Place has been and is a huge part of our life right now. Man, the fighting between these 2 is constant! they seem to love bugging each other!!!


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