Monday, March 01, 2010

Well, March is here... The 2010 Olympics have come and gone, the roads are re-opening the chaos is quieting down but the excitement of the last hockey game lives on! There was so much going on and so many great athletes and events to watch, but that gold medal hockey game- Canada vs USA was a nail biter.The Olympic Flame, wow was it ever incredibly crowded!
It was kinda sad to see the flame go out last night, I am hoping that it will be re-lit for the para - olympic games in a couple weeks.
It was nice wandering, but incredibly busy trying to get around. It was great to see so many happy people enjoying the sights and festivities. Sebastian would have LOVED the chaos and hustle and bustle of the crowds and shows and, well, all of it!
Spending a day with some buddies made the day much more enjoyable for the kids... Here they went skating at the outdoor rink at the O-Zone. Belly was intimidated by the crowds, but bentley did 27 laps!

When the mascots were first unveiled a couple years ago, were they ever mocked!! They have kinda grown on me since... Problem was, this was Belly's favorite, a sasquatch named Quatchie.
where the problem comes in is she believed his name was Krotchie - and when Bentley decided it would be fun to try taking her stuffed Quatchie she screamed "Don't touch my Krotchie" or at another point she saw someone else with the same stuffed toy, "hey, she/he has a Krotchie like me"

Well, what else... School is in full swing, Belle has registered for kindergarten in September - it will be nice that her and Bentley get one year at the same school. Hockey is over after a tournament this weekend, which I am happy about, but Bentley has been asked to join a spring team which looks like it will be keeping him VERY busy! Belly is still loving Ballet classes. but I am concerned about her other choice....I seriously cannot handle another goalie in the family


Cheryl and Kevin said...

LOVING that last picture. She looks so pretty and Tough at the same time. lol.

Lael said...

Hahahaha,another goalie! Good for her! I think Belly is the sweetest nickname ever:)

It looks like you had fun in the city too. It sure was exciting having the world here,wasn't it?

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LOVING that last picture. She looks so pretty and Tough at the same time. lol.


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