Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Summer is finally here! We are trying to take advantage of it when we always seems to get in the way! Just kidding. The kids had an incredibly bust Spring and its really nice to be quieter for the summer. They are mostly hanging out around the house so far and relaxing.
Belly did amazing performing her Ballet Solo at both competition and year end recital! we are so proud! She loves her dance classes
Bentley was incredibly busy with Spring hockey and worked incredibly hard to be chosen for the elite team, Vancouver Selects Blue. There are two selects teams, the blue's and the black's. Blues are triple A travel team and the blacks are double A local team. He made the Blue and had the opportunity to travel to Chicago and Winnipeg as well as many local tournaments. He made it around Chicago's huge airport and Winnipeg's smaller airport without getting lost and even remembered to bring his sister back something! He was very happy and we are proud of him for his hard work and dedication. He missed a lot of school because of hockey this year and he continued to be very successful in school!
Obviously I am better at doing Laundry! Bentley in the white jersey. They had a final tournament the first week of July in Whistler, it was supposed to be a mixture of the Blue and Black teams but in the end, Bentley was the only player from the blue team (which is why his jersey is different). We had fun, he played hard and heck, who doesn't love going to Whistler!!
Spending some time at the beach and waiting for the fireworks!! They dug a huge hole and were having fun then decided to jump it, using his sister as the obstacle! She couldn't jump over so she just walked over him!
It really doesn't matter where she goes, she practices her ballet everywhere!! What a better place then on a beach! She has had a tough year, the seizure medications and the mitochondrial cocktail of vitamins seem to be helping. She is less tired and looks better, but continues to lose some skills. She is typically happy but really does not understand what is going on....we can't really help because we do not really know either....
She loves this rock, we have other pictures of her climbing it at other times, she loves it! She is also rocking her new glasses! She enjoyed picking out the frame she wanted and likes wearing them....mostly. Though it has been three and a half years we still miss Sebastian just as much. He is talked about, remembered, honored and loved by each of us. Belly still asks whenever she can if she can get balloons to send to him and we oblidge. The kids continue to do really well and I am amazed that they both talk about him and remember him so much.
I love the action shots especially when its an awesome save!!
Oh my! This is so rare - a smile from Bentley!! You have to be quick but when you catch it you are lucky! This was just after we arrived in whistler for his tournament, we made it in record time and were early so just goofing around before the game because we couldn't register at the hotel till later in the day.


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