Saturday, December 16, 2006

Ahhh Christmas can now come....

I am a happy momma. I was feeling very desperate, all I wanted for S for Christmas was Ninteno Wii and were there any to be found?


Best Buy was selling 22 Friday morning, I got there at 9:30pm Thursday night and I was special number 9 in line - got my chair, my umbrella and my blanket and got comfy. My awsome friend, Suzanne came a while later, she was just going to keep me company for a while, but I think the intrigue got to her. we did some re-arranging - at 10:47 pm she headed to my house, picked up Stel and the sleeping kids, came back to best buy picked up her van then they drove to her home dropped off her van and stel brought her back to best buy and he went home to put the kids back to bed. All this so her hubby could bring her kids in the morning on his way to work so she could also get a Wii and keep me company!! By midnight there were more than 22 people in line so that was all the Wii's though more still waited. Well after a couple hours and some interesting conversation with others in a tent with insane rain outside and actually inside a bit too I was really re-thinking the fact that Stel took the van home - we started the evening with 2 and now had none. A cab ride home and the van was back with us and the 125km/h winds. We enjoyed watching the tent we had been in actually finally flattened to the ground because of wind. Where would the drama be if it was a beautiful warm sunny night instead of the worst windstorm BC hydro workers had ever seen!!! We hadn't been in the van 1/2 hour when we were out helping the tent guys and then stayed out as even more people were showing up and couldn't lose our spot after all this. The winds died down a bit around 5 and it was getting awfully cold for us but around 8 we got our paper and our guarentee that we both had one so we went to starbucks for a washroom, hot drink and headed back to warm up and dry off a bit in the van. 9:08 am finished paying and I felt good.
S is such an amazing kid and he fights so hard with all he goes thru - I will do anything for him

Thank you Suzanne, what should we do next .......


Anonymous said...

S has fought so hard it seems right to have to work so hard to get something just right for him. It was fun and cold and windy.

What about Boxing Day sales!

Gracie'sMama said...

ohmigod - you two are nuts!
of all the nights....
But you're right - S deserves whatever he can get.