Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas Day

We had a great day, busy day, but great day!!!!

Christmas morning began with me actually waking up first, odd for sure, and shortly after B came tip-toeing into the living room. He then woke dad and baby I was standing in her crib, B then so nicely woke S and they sat with him in bed for a little then we all headed to see what was under the tree.

B such an awsome kid helped S and Baby I open their gifts as well as opened his. Everyone seemed very happy!!

S got the Wii and had lots of fun today playing with dad!!

We put the turkey in mid morning and began everything else for our dinner. Early afternoon was busy getting dinner prepared. Everything turned out great except the stuffing was kinda gross but hey thats why there is a garbage bin, right! My parents were over for the afternoon and evening and we had fun playing games after dinner.

The kids have gone to bed happy today for sure

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