Saturday, September 08, 2007

WoW is really the words I have for STEL.

CONGRATULATIONS and we are so VERY Proud of you!!!

Well its been a long day but a very good day. Stel is tired but did great.

The race went really well..... Stel did the kayaking on his own so was slower than the double kayaks, but somehow passed most people during the biking. The run got changed to 9.8 km from the 8 but he is a Champion! We spent the day at the park cheering him on during the transitions and played. After 10 hours in Deep Cove we are happy to be home. If you press the little play button that is stel coming into the finish...A huge huge THANK YOU to Everyone for your support. Stel was able to surpass his goal for monies for Canuck Place thank You.We will add some more pictures when we get them

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Cheryl, Kevin and Afton said...

Congrats! That is great. I'm glad that Stel was able to compete and finish the race. You definitely have reason to be proud.